Listing your Fire Island Property for Sale

Selling your home on Fire Island – A Roadblock If you want to sell your house in the “real world” usually there is a multiple listing service. Real estate brokers cooperate with each other which insures that a property will receive maximum exposure to qualified buyers. There is no multiple listing service on Fire Island….

The Start of the Season

It has taken Brian and me 23 days to get our house together for the season. What we think we need in the house, is in the house. Whatever work we wanted to do to ready the house for the season is complete. Provisioning up prior to the start of the season is part of…

Memorial Day Weekend Starts in 22 Days!

The Beach is starting to come alive.  Homeowners are beginning the process of opening their homes.  For some, it is a simple task, for most it takes a bit of work.  At a minimum, outdoor furniture needs to be brought outside and scrubbed, screens need to be washed and re-installed. Don’t forget batteries, especially for…

An Outing to the Saltaire Library

Heading to the Saltaire Library gave shape to the days when my two granddaughters were visiting. Everything about the outing worked for us all.

Thank Goodness…People will be coming this weekend

Finally, the weather is turning and from all accounts, it will be an active weekend.  I have heard from Fire Island homeowners, at least one lives in California, dying to get out here, who are arriving this weekend.  What will they find?  Mostly dusty and messy beach houses.  I was checking on a number of…