An Outing to the Saltaire Library

My grand babies are happily ensconced back in their own home in Florida.  I miss them terribly but I do not miss the everyday pressure of wanting to be with them and needing to work.  I had forgotten how bad that feels.  We were busy, busy, busy every day doing as much as we could to take in the lovely things there are to do here in Saltaire.

In trying to add shape to the days, my daughter headed down to the Saltaire Library for story time three mornings a week.  If  you are lucky enough to be on the west end of Fire Island and you have a toddler, this is a lovely morning activity.  Our new Librarian, Miss Kate, has turned the Library in to an inviting haven for children and their parents (and grandparents).

The room is set up with toys, book carrels and has a friendly, open vibe.  The children are immediately drawn to what interests them at the moment.  Trucks, puzzles and the books are the home run items.  Miss Kate offers a morning “art” activity.  The pleasure of watching my granddaughter work on her “art” was matched by my wonder about the dazzling array of parenting styles on display at that art table.  It was something to see.

Story time lasts for about two hours.  Now that we have a Market in Saltaire, I was able to steal away from the art table and the story reading and go across the walk and grab a cup of coffee and a home made donut.  If you have not tried one of Patrick Adams’ home made donuts you really must before the season’s end.  You can’t eat them everyday, of course, but you really must have at least one.

All the parts of this outing worked for us, the walk to get there, the toys, games and books for the children, the story shared, the chance to see familiar faces and the coffee and the donut.  In my family, we call this a home run.IMG_0166

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