Memorial Day Weekend Starts in 22 Days!

The Beach is starting to come alive.  Homeowners are beginning the process of opening their homes.  For some, it is a simple task, for most it takes a bit of work.  At a minimum, outdoor furniture needs to be brought outside and scrubbed, screens need to be washed and re-installed.

Don’t forget batteries, especially for flashlights and smoke detectors.

The latest news on the west end is that there will be a new chef at Le Dock in Fair Harbor this summer.  This blurb was sent to me by the Fair Harbor Community Association:

Chefs on the Move

JOE AND JILL DOBIAS, the owners of Joe and Misses Doe in the East Village, have closed their restaurant. “We were ready to move on,” Ms. Dobias said. A few weeks ago, after meeting Jean-Georges Vongerichten and his partner, Phil Suarez, Mr. and Ms. Dobias suspended a project they were developing. Now, Mr. Dobias is the executive chef of Le Dock in Fair Harbor, on Fire Island, and his wife is the manager. Mr. Suarez opened Le Dock in 1976. The restaurant will open on a preliminary basis this weekend and serve lunch and dinner seven days a week starting in mid-June.

A version of this article appears in print on May 3, 2017, on Page D4 of the New York edition.

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