The Start of the Season

It has taken Brian and me 23 days to get our house together for the season. What we think we need in the house, is in the house. Whatever work we wanted to do to ready the house for the season is complete.

Provisioning up prior to the start of the season is part of our Spring routine. Currently stowed in our basement and pantry is about $2000 worth of food, wine and beer. We happen to have the space to stow all this stuff. Twenty years ago when we built our house, we had to build to the FEMA standard which at the time meant our house needed to be 8’ off the ground. This afforded us plenty of storage room down below. Although I do not love living up in the air, here on the beach, having storage space is like having a Manhattan apartment with parking. It is a real perk.

The ritual of provisioning up diminishes the need for the weekly schlepping of basic necessities.   I have enough laundry detergent in the house to take us thru the next Millennium.

In addition to the provisions, the garden is planted, the flowers are in the pots on the side deck, the Kimberly Queen ferns are in the front planters and Memorial Day buntings are hung.

I have also rifled through the accessories in the house and set them aside for the Memorial Day sale. I try to take a critical look at the decorative items and ask myself if an item adds to the house or clutters it. If the answer is that the tchotchke does not add it goes in the pile for the Memorial Day weekend sale. Over Memorial Day weekend, my friends and I put this excess “stuff” out on the main walk and offer it for sale. Last year we raised over $200. I get rid of the miscellaneous items which no longer make my heart sing and the money goes to the Vodka fund.

I’m ready to relax and tend to the business of fire island living.

Bring on summer.

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